Monday, June 2, 2008


Short blog tonight, had the grandsons today, nice and warm outside, went out and played. DJ happened to spot a van in the driveway so we all went to investigate. UMMM reality hit home, they were putting up the "For Sale" sign in the front. WOW after 26years in this town and we are moving out to home Province of Ontario. My heart was racing and flopping ,,, excited and scary all at the same time... I'm sure that I will have a lot of different emotions as the time comes closer... Afterwards went for a nice long walk with my friend Denise. Great fresh air, great company and good energy. Real great day......

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Denise said...

Yes it was a great walk on the trail. I also was taken back when I saw your sale sign in your yard, it is getting closer. New things to come for Lise & Dave.
Your bleeding hearts are beautiful hopefully the pictures I took will turn out great.