Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok, too good. This weather was again beautiful... at +24c can't complain, or maybe hehe... Little guys were, well, a little antsy Pansie today, maybe due to heat LOL or maybe this gal didn't get enough sleep, toss and turn umm shouldn't have had a coffee late last night... Have some early bloomers (little flowers) out their, too few pictures.......Should have went for walk but evening went buy too quickly, cleaned up so I can have Saturday off, this will be the last Saturday quilt group get together for the summer and my last one for this Group. I will join another group back in Ontario after we move, need to keep busy quilting, get inspired and wow every quilt I see. LOL... Addicted I am said I....... Well not on here long , eyes are burning (lack of sleep) no coffee for this gal tonight, water only....LOL sooo Bonsoir and Good Evening...til tomorrow.

Rock Crest
Snow on the Mountain
Forget me Knot

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