Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Alright, who ever said this would be easy to put your house on the market...ummm not me... I am in stress mode. LOL... blogging is great for de-stressing. I think I am too picky, I've never been in this situation so,,,, if anyone has and can give advise, by all means, please do.... I'm trying to make sure , house smell clean and fresh, I am driving myself crazy....... Took the boys out for a drive to the lake while the house was being showed, a few pics below , remembered that we had a dvd player in the truck and this kept them busy for a bit..lol......got another call, went and freshened up house, came back and apparently no show.....oh well, I'll have to learn to relax and not to worry so much...not in big hurry,, just few month to go....LOL .. didn't get to quilt , too busy freshening LOL ....OK so I'll just forget and go back to sewing..that's relaxing for me.... Big weekend here, an event called KING MINER Weekend , will go down and take pictures and explain more what this is..... sooooo,,, til tomorrow,,,,ummm maybe sew and sew...

UMMM Sponge Bob square pants

OK, Pit stop

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