Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Day

Hello friends, today once again, the house was freshened up for a viewing...also will show tomorrow. Did some sewing, have all my blocks made. Made 48, decided to make it lap size quilt, and also put the blocks together. Will sew the rows, hopefully tomorrow. Need to go down to the grounds for a little viewing of the King Miner Competition. I will take my little camera down and post them.. Denise was over, took few pictures and spotted little family of squirrels. Their was 4 of them, so cute, got a few pics, but they kept hiding, so couldn't get all together. Then a little gift came via email. See my new title. Very cute and have to thank Denise for making this for me.......Thank you....... check out her blog at: beautiful pictures to see.. Now I'll have to experiment with the photo program so I can change once in a while, but I think, I'll keep this one for while......

click on pictures for larger views


Ok, need to place, ummm good to go sew LOL


Myra said...

Great layout of blocks! Beautiful colors! You are good to go! Go sew your heart out girl!!! Love the nature photos.... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Deb said...

these are just to adorable.. the baby squirrels and they have a great pile to play in.
I love all the pics you are sharing.. also thanks for your wonderful comments... now back to your great blog. Deb