Sunday, June 15, 2008


Very nice day, sun is shining, the birds are opps slept in this morning til 8:30ish, this is late for me, I don't want to miss any time, want to do everything.... I went to sewing table and did few more blocks for the topsy turvy quilt... then I tidied up. I had to go pluck out the dandelions, boy, there are sure a lot more this year than any other years, all the lawns have them... what a job to try to keep up...I then decided to plant a few veggies, umm thought I wouldn't but, looked bare, soooooo I did it... only few. I also dug up a few perennial that friends shared with me...can't take them all but little bits and pieces of some... OK Denise, I can just hear you LOL.... only a few ok.........not many lol...... here's a few pics, I even had son till the garden, then he washed the white truck...umm he must be very bored.....
Phil working????
Just a few planters &Pretty flowering plum shrub


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