Sunday, June 1, 2008


Woke up this morning feeling a little window was opened and could also hear whistling. The wind picked up and just cold.... Oh well, no outside today, it was cool and cloudy...Ahhh poor me, just had to stay indoors and I was not going through the house organizing, didn't feel like it....However the opportunity knocked LOL I went to my sewing area and wooohoooo, worked on my flip flop quilt... I enjoyed that , needed that and did that LOL.... need now to make the log cabin blocks to make as my border then, sandwich and quilt away UMMM not sure when but soon .... Very relaxing day for me, re-energizing for my days with the grandsons' this week hoping that we have sunny warm days, will walk to the zoo and check out the animals....I wanted to bbq so had to drag the bbq into the garage or would have lost the flame good supper now have to run around or up and down the stairs to wear off those nasty me amis a demain.....(til tomorrow)
cute eh? ? click pic to enlarge

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