Friday, June 6, 2008


Ok, so today was a wine down day??? It's been gloomy, grayish and smoky day out there...didn't get much accomplished was pooped....maybe related to the weather... the kids were kids today, didn't go play outside but I also didn't get anything done on my quilt...I'm checking out a lot of other quilt bloggers and looks like they are just giving her all they got. I'm usually quilting just about every day but lately not as much ,, have though organized somewhat this house to get ready for our move and purging as they would say LOL..... I now have weekends off, that's when my daughter's days off are now , so I'll have to get back to my flip flop quilt tomorrow and take more pics,. This evening went for a nice brisk walk with Denise, have to thank her, for giving me motivations to keep on getting Love my friend, she's full of energy, good spirit and great overall gal.....Thanks Denise....... and will say "CIAO" Bonsoir, good evening and great weekend to all....


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