Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok, so who said yard sale was easy???? I was working on this for weeks, getting stuff sorted, priced etc.... Sale ummm, boy everything went fast, maybe under priced not sure but needed to downsize to relocate ourselves and the way gas prices are, you guessed it, it's cheaper this way and purchase new furnishing once we get their...Does that make sense...Sure she said ...HEHE... Of course it sounded good (amount made on this) lots of work next time someone asks if I want to make one... I think, I'll just donate it to a good cause and skip the sale...hEHE... Today was a nice warm day, but very grey outside... so took the boys down to see the Tribute Plane re Lamb Air.... this plane was found in very bad shape. I'll try to get the whole story tomorrow, I know that quite a few Thompsonites got together, got the blueprints for this plane and restored it ,,, it took a few years to do this and its' quite the site to see it up on pedestal that is really cool way of displaying it... ( it actually has all motor etc..) More info to come this week. I also made an awesome "carrot salad", very nummy, if your interested in the recipe it's simple and I can surely share it... Will make other types of salad for Canada Day July1st for celebration with family... sooooo,... will sign off Ciao, Bonsoir me amis, a demais.... Til tomorrow......Nite
UMMM carrot salad (marinated overnite)

Click to enlarge and read story (really cool)

Cool, Mark V Norseman (float plane) click to enlarge



Denise said...

Lise, looks like we did the same thing today went to see the plane eating ice cream...


Rhonda said...

I've thought about having a yard sale often but I think you've just talked me out of it....LOL.......That carrot salad looks yummie!

Janet said...

That float plane is really impressive! Thanks for sharing.