Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my oh my

Oh my, this sign in the front is very weird. The grand kids even said it looks funny. WOW... any hoot, today was typical day , it would have been great outdoors, but due to some fires happening south of us, the sky was little grayish and you could smell smoke. Maybe tomorrow will go to zoo and check it out with the boys'. Got a little quilting done, not much though , still trying to keep up with these boys on tiding up is fun,,, how did I ever do it with 3 kids, 1 hubby, 1 dog and full time job (LOL) Went to fit-ball today, wow what a great workout, as I was doing it though felt like a lot of work (hehe) isn't that what your supposed to feel....LOL great friends and great instructor (Denise).... Ciao til tomorrow.....

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