Monday, June 9, 2008

Did It

Beautiful day once again, boys were boys'. Went out to play after while oldest DJ fell and scrapped his elbow, poor guy. First time. He's the type of little one that he can't get dirty, and don't take pain very well... sooo needless to say, he bald and bald,,,went inside but the other little guy wasn't too pleased that he had to come in, sooooo he bald, and bald,,, wow is all I can say,,, I'm sure our all our neighbors heard. HEHE..... All was well though after a little time, patched DJ up and then Chase , well he got distracted and was fine..funny how they get distracted so easily when their small...After mom picked up the boys, I went for a nice walk with a few ladies, good evening to go , feel great....I also finished the Flip Flop quilt top, but not sure about the choice of yellow for the last little border....I'll have to get some opinions, I think should have put a little darker yellow?????? HELP....But the rest looks sooooo cute.....(pat , pat) had to do that LOL.....Ciao ..

1 comment:

Myra said...

I think it looks great! Once the binding is on it should be just fine, unless you are inclined to perhaps add a darker 2inch boarder...Perhaps a purple color like you have in there already? Just a thought.