Sunday, June 8, 2008

Building it

Well, good day today, weather wasn't too bad, little windy again, got woken up by a call for my son. His friend Dano called to invite him to go fishing, go figure, another early day off, oh well sais la vie... it was ok because I ended up doing little more than I would have if I would have slept in til 8am ......worked on my flip flop quilt blocks (border), Denise, her mom (Donna) and I went for a lovely walk , was a little chili at first but into the millennium trail (in woods) it was great and warm....thanks Denise and Donna, good friends...Scooted down to Wally world for a few items then cooked supper and back to the sewing area. Now winding down for early bed to be refreshed in am for the grandsons'....below are few pictures and tips. Enjoy the rest of evening and CIAO, Bonsoir and goodnight......

rows to be sewn as borders

add a little buddy fabric
if you start with a little piece of fabric (buddy) your starting stitches will be straight and it wont jam in, where your needle is into the feed-dog area ....(I hope this makes sense)
...squaring your block.....
when squaring your block, don't whack only one side. Make it even by taking little on top and
side, turn your block and do same on the top and side, I usually try to line up the line from my ruler to match up on the stitching line.....

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