Monday, June 16, 2008


Not too bad of a day today, little cloudy, thought it was going to rain but passed over us here.. we do need it though, maybe soon. Had to scurry to go out so realtor could walk through. Was quick little ride with the 2 boys, son and I think the little men liked the trip to the airport, they sure liked to see all the planes. hehe.... Later went with Denise, Diana and Brenda for our millennium trail walk, think its about 4k will have to figure out how to measure this's 1 hr brisk walk. The bugs, especially those mosquitoes are very hungry, maybe because we were sweating or could be because looked like rain or maybe cause we were in the bush LOL.... anyhoot, got 30 blocks made need 18 more for lap quilt or might do the single, trying to decide ???? oh well, will think think think ... opps watching tigger and pooh with the boys too many times LOL

just a few more

Hum, Chase, the valet attendent. Parking is he specialty


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Denise said...

Lise can your house look any cleaner!!!!