Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, not bad day, thought for a bit that maybe it would rain,,, but of course it didn't ..We really need rain up here in Northern Manitoba, I surely hope soon,,, It should , we have the National King Miner Contest this weekend, we usually have rain no matter what date it is...this contest starts on Saturday, but we also have the fair and everything else starts on Friday.... parade on Saturday, I'll have to take pics for sure....... Boys were pretty good today... off for few days now and will quilt away tomorrow, opps not all day, have to freshen up , showing house in afternoon. Hope, crossing my fingers and toes LOL..... took some pics of a few flowers today, wow the peonies' buds are ready for show soon... This is fun, reading others blogs and seeing what is happening all over the country is something else,,,love it...... Just think what we did without this stuff,,,,, LOL ,,,, it gets better every year...... CIAO, BONSOIR, ADDIOS till more blogging


UMMM smell really sweet these blooms

"Thunder child" crab apple tree

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