Friday, April 18, 2008


Wow what a day, I haven't stopped til now....daily house chores, cleaned down again, wanted to put in garage, went out their and created another job hehe... Cleaned the garage (tidied up) put stuff from downstairs to outside then remembered the angels & etc in the front, brought those in, did laundry, went to chriro this am ,,, boy sure need him now LOL after all that, went to the gym worked out and no Diana , ahh, where did she go ???... Had supper, went to pick up groceries, and got my machine & goodies and stuff ready for tomorrow. Yahoo relax, chat, sew and gosip and whatever with the quilt group (Mystery country quilters) which I was nominated couple years ago as Presidento.....wheww, now I'm blogging (relaxing) and ???? OH MY what a busy busy bee I was.LOL I have to put my camera in my quilt carrier to take great pictures of everyone tomorrow and post..... I'm sure glad all my days are not like this, UMMM maybe that would be good in one way (get thinner) or bad (layed up in traction) hhehehe.... Another day gone in fast forward.... OK so this look empty now so sad.... across the road is where my friends carted away the snow and keep me up the other night........ Oh well I have a few holes in the snow hehe

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