Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day what??

Today was a day that the boys had my undivided attention so,,, I didn't get much done til nap time. Even DJ napped, after all he's been through, not suprised... the little bros was very lonesome, he kept going to DJ and hug him..ahhh, so sweet. I did get a little more done, down in the basement, ummm think I need more plastic containers, can't believe how much I have in regards of quilting stuff (isn't that what we do as quilters)LOL . I'm trying not to use to many cardboard boxes, the plastic containers are great for storing and the clear ones you can see what's in which.... I also had my time at the gym, didn't do as much as we usually do, I was pooped today, but it gave me enough energy to stay up longer tonight. Oh,, get this,,, last night at 11pm the loaders and dump trucks decided to scoop up snow til little after who's great idea was this?? we haven't had this done any other year and why so late, umm to keep us old farts up and not get zzz's keep younger one up to pive off the parent's who have to go to work early...BOY ,,,OK now that I vented I can try to have a wonderful, peaceful, quiet sleep. Need my beauty sleep. (that would be quite a lot) LOL.....

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