Friday, April 4, 2008

Is this still winter??

Well, it was -36 C today with the windshield. Thought this crazy weather was done. Go figure LOL. Did some quilting, but did play around with picture to add to my blog. Did also get a new dew (hair) and dye. Cool cut. I'll have to change my pic (hehe). Ran around and didn't feel like I accomplised much, but oh well that what happens on Fridays.

I did however feel great after when I went to the gym and did cardio. Thanks again D. That cleared my it ....... And were supposed to get better weather (I hope so).....

Now I'll go and add some pictures and go relax ,.


Denise said...

Nice quilts Lise you are very talented.......did you give them all away? I hope you kept some for yourself or you could give some to me.

Lise said...

Most are given away, need to make more LOL