Monday, April 7, 2008


Woohoo, it was wormer today a whole +2 c. . Sunshine and all. Did a little quilting, not much, finished off placemats for my mom for Mother's day. Will have to mail out along with one of Denise's card beautiful. (check her out at awesome pics) ... Didn't get to go to gym today but did go curling. This is our finals club champion. Tied the 8th end so we had to curl an extra end. Boohoo. lost by 1 ... Oh well, was great exersises. HEHE....

Here's my placemats which mom want pastelly pinks etc... would have like to add more colorful fabrics but she's mom.

Oh I can see the top of the BBQ ... Wow maybe soon

Ok, so hubby is trying to hurry up the snow to disappear.LOL

Doesn't everyone do it. LOL Go Dave Go.

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