Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wonderful Day

Had a wonderful day today, grandsons were here and we had fun day. Not much crankiness, typical kid stuff. Did also manage to organize some more stuff to pack and put in yardsale pile. Oh, moving back to Ontario. Hubby is retirering in August this year. Want to purchase new things and keep some old (Dave hehe). It's getting closer and I don't want to panic last month.

I also went to the gym today with my good friend. She's has been my strenght in getting back into healthy lifestyle....Need to thank her many times over.

Still haven't gone downstairs to my sewing maching yet, but will tomorrow even if it's just for a little time.

Snow is still around need to have it dissapear so we can go walking in the millenium trail.... beautiful when not full of mucky stuff.

Off to go clean up .......... Woohoo what a wonderful day.

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Denise Dyer Wood said...

All in all a very good day I'd say. I should thank you too for inspiring me to inspire you. Fitness is forever.....get Dave going! See you at Fit Ball tomorrow.