Monday, April 28, 2008

Windows anyone??

Today, umm, did a few things, washed a rag jacket, friend Denise, she did most of the hard work and I kinda just did finishing stuff.... turned out very cool... I'll have to put the one I started to do, later (it's ready to sew and etc...).. Kids were great, typical boys, I went around the whole house doing windows (blah) I shouldn't complain, it is Spring isn't it? and it's about time hehe... need to finish up inside so I can get the yard work done and gardens (love that stuff).... hopefully will be able to start some things end of the week.....Overall today went great but surely miss doing the fitball, will have a class tomorrow. Maybe have to make time (no make the time) to go walking or gym or???the rest of the week .


Robin L said...

Love the jacket! When your done with your windows you can come do mine : )

Lise said...

thanks robin, will put on my wings and fly in then do your windows

Denise said...

Nice Jacket Lise, can I have it back now seeing you have finished it for me....hehe See you at Fit Ball tonight, bring your energyyyy.