Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring who said that?

Ok, Mother Nature got her lines crossed (and not my phone line LOL). What was this white stuff this am on the ground all over the place again..well not as bad as out West for sure. Or maybe this the just the starting of global warming (which I think it is). So the question is, where is it going to be the best place to live, Northern Canada, Eastern ????? someone needs to get Mother Nature back on track...UMM maybe get her GPS or Weather Vane...Enough of that, I managed to make a few more Box bags (thanks again to Denise for the link to )and I think, I will make a few more for gifts for??? just in case gifts...Great evening, visited with Denise and showed me few tips and programs, cameras etc. that she has learned and did and wow, check out her blog to see the great pictures, at I enjoyed this evening, oh, snow melted away but sure was windy and cold...

Opps where did the grass go ????

Few Box bags

evil kanivel's weapon

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