Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, grandson (DJ) had a minor surgery today (circumcised) OWWEE, Chase was here but quietly missing his brother. He was asking for D and wanted to go find him. AH,,,, Poor boys, I feel for DJ and Chase today. Hoping that the next couple of days go smoothly for DJ. I'll have give him little more OK"S . It was sunny and its melting more ... WooHoo. Can see a little more stuff. LOL. I also was putting things away in my container (plastic so I can recycle and re-use) some of my quilts, came across what I just finished before Xmas and noted to myself that I need (not want) a few more of the "Patch abilities" patterns by Julie Bohringer. They are so cute and fun to make I have another set ready to quilt. UMM good just added more to my stuff, but that won't take much room, will it. NOT... Need to order a few more...LOL

Still melting will have to put away this weekend LOL

AHHHh, I can just smell BBQ. OPPS that's my neighbor Mick cooking again... have to jump the fence and invite myself. HEHE

aren't they adorable.....boy that's bragging but oh well, sais la vie mes amies.......

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Betweens said...

these little wall hangings ARE adorable.. they are so well done.. I love how you quilted the weeds in the fish bowl.. excellent fun they are.. they are!!