Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh My

Very productive day today. Got lots done. I'm now Pooped.LOL Went though my so called crafty room . Wow didn't think I had that much stuff. Now it's in a pile of "not sure if Missy wants it" or " yard sale" hehe.... Had some running around to do also. Need to try to finish it this week. Oh, the snow is melting, hopefully more tomorrow . POUFFFFFF GONE. Wouldn't that be great. Maybe not, could be worse......LOL Didn't even get to my rag quilt. That's OK. It won't walk away..... Had a great work out thought, went to the gym with Denise, she's great. Thanks D.

Oh boys are back in am......Busy days ahead hehe

K Polar, are you stuck. Sinking and sinking. LOL
K out you go silly Polar


Denise said...
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Denise said...

Oh my you're a busy bee these days. I guess you can't edit a mispelled word after you publish your comment, you can however delete it, hehe.

Don't work too hard tomorrow, I am going out to the Paint Lake Fishing Derby tomorrow after Fit Ball class to see what kind of pictures I can take for blogging. It is suppose to be +11 C ..... Cheers.