Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh dear

Oh my, today I was pooped out, not sure if did too much yesterday or if thyroid out of whack. Dragging , LOL.... Grandsons good, the little guy thought after a nap was a little cranky. I guess even little ones have their days ....Got some salads done for tomorrow, Chase's 2nd birthday party (date is 15th) Boy were getting up there hehe....It'll be a busy day .. that make the weeks to moving go by too quickly. Hoping that I can finish off rag quilt binding tonight. This day was a blurrrrrrr.
Well, the angle's dresses are starting to show YOOHOOOOOO it's coming slowing snow melting.

Oh dear, the BBQ is peeking out more. Yahoo, BBQ season coming up. Maybe few days LOL

Tomorrow sneak peek at our quilt club's mystery quilt. The mystery will be solved.

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