Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little bits

Free day today. Tidied up quickly wanted to move downstairs to do a little quilting. YAHOO. Got some done on a rag quilt . One more border to complete then add it on to clip & wash. Many others to finish. My challenge is to try to get as many of my started UFO's (unfinished) finished (or at least the tops done) If I can do that,,,,, then I have an excuse (hehe) to purchase more newer fabric to add to my stash (like it's not big enough LOL) . Hubby promised to purchase a quilting frame for my machine once we relocate. I'll have to hold him to that or maybe I'll have to built a dog house (just kidding).

Great day , went to fitness classes and as always, had a great workout. Thanks Denise, I needed that little push today, I guess I wanted to be a little slack but now feel great energy.

Another free day tomorrow, daughter is on her days off. Will get my pictures together and add them on to show off some of the quilts I made.

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