Saturday, April 5, 2008

Grandma Day

Crazy day, what's new LOL.... Today went not bad, little hectic this morning. D.J. and Chase were a little hyper but settled down after 10am. The weather was a little nicer not as bad but not good either still in the -twenties C with windshield, can't wait for this snap to get going and gone. I did work on finishing a little project that Leanne has on her blog (The stitching room) some cool tutorial (link is I hope that its' ok to post the link if anyone is interested in it. Here's mine.

And I also made some of this lunch bags. There great. I made them 1" bigger , these are easy and fun to make . Free pattern from:

They have a few different patterns I would like to make ....LOL. The downfall today for me was missing my fitball class. Boy now I have to go in the basement and go on the treadmill. Ah, I guess "Say la vie" Will make up for time tonight.

PS: I could have used other colors of fabric but these are my trial one using scraps, next ones I will select better .

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