Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day. Not easy being green all day, couldn't see much green outside though LOL.. We had a great day (til later) boys were typical little guys, busy this am, made some beet soup (or borsht). UMMM great stuff. (if you'd like the recipe I'll share).... Later today, just about 2 minutes before Dave (hubby) walked in the door the little one (Chase) decided he was going to be evil kanevel, I turn to look to see what he was doing and he laughed, popped a wheely on his little car (bike Or whatever you call it) and away he went on his back, I ran to him and of course he somehow bit his upper lip and it was bleeding, boy oh boys , poor little guy, now we have two boys with booboos...... Went to my fitball, had great workout after all that, hehe.. thanks again D. good job..... PS: Green green,,,,

smells good,,,,,,,, umm, had two bowls here have some....

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Denise said...

Great looking soup..... What did you mean by green...green? Did you mean happy Earth Day or did you mean you wished you had used the green band in Fit Ball class and not the red.... or did you use the green?..