Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here we are, Sunday, wow time is flying. Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday but didn't get much done, did have the boys and did some cleaning up.... So today same, busy, had the boys, also had invite to birthday party for another's little guy who is 1year then after that had an invite to a Epicure (spices etc... wonderful stuff) home party at a friend place.... came home made supper , hehe BBQ'd yesterday and today. Today thought, I went to flip the steaks and guess what,,,ummmm their was this white stuff that decided to come for a visit (yep snow) not too long it stopped. Didn't get it as bad as down south (West Hawk Lake area) I hope that's the last of it hehe.... I also have picture of coffee sleeve that we did during our group Saturday . Enjoy and will relax this eve....

Can you see the white specks????
will make few more to share

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Robin L said...

Oh how cute! We have had snow on and off since Saturday. So your not alone.