Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another day gone by, wow too fast... summer will be here and I won't be ready lol....that's the way things go. Every time I plan something to do, I find myself doing something else and before you know it the first plan is on the back burner (or forgot what I was doing hehe).. Is that a sign or ??? umm can't be the age thing...LOL... I thought I did lots today, but I guess I didn't LOL .

Did however accomplished one thing, I went to the gym with Denise and did some cardio and visited too...that's always a great thing to do, feel energized now UMMM anymore cleaning, na, not tonight maybe a little sewing . Chow til tomorrow and enjoy the evening..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Got it

Nice day, morning went by really quickly, the boys kept me busy and I kept myself busy. Going through some cupboards, put lots of stuff in garage for yard sale.. downsizing, umm didn't think I had so much not being used. Will get new stuff once we are in new place and updated many years in storage why I said to myself....LOL This afternoon I was downning?? think my thyroid low, will have to see the rest of the week then might have to get checked,, and watch what I'm eating..... Better tonight went to fit ball,. was awesome, little harder but felt great... more energy (boy I sure can use that and probably lots of other people)....TTYL

Monday, April 28, 2008

Windows anyone??

Today, umm, did a few things, washed a rag jacket, friend Denise, she did most of the hard work and I kinda just did finishing stuff.... turned out very cool... I'll have to put the one I started to do, later (it's ready to sew and etc...).. Kids were great, typical boys, I went around the whole house doing windows (blah) I shouldn't complain, it is Spring isn't it? and it's about time hehe... need to finish up inside so I can get the yard work done and gardens (love that stuff).... hopefully will be able to start some things end of the week.....Overall today went great but surely miss doing the fitball, will have a class tomorrow. Maybe have to make time (no make the time) to go walking or gym or???the rest of the week .

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here we are, Sunday, wow time is flying. Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday but didn't get much done, did have the boys and did some cleaning up.... So today same, busy, had the boys, also had invite to birthday party for another's little guy who is 1year then after that had an invite to a Epicure (spices etc... wonderful stuff) home party at a friend place.... came home made supper , hehe BBQ'd yesterday and today. Today thought, I went to flip the steaks and guess what,,,ummmm their was this white stuff that decided to come for a visit (yep snow) not too long it stopped. Didn't get it as bad as down south (West Hawk Lake area) I hope that's the last of it hehe.... I also have picture of coffee sleeve that we did during our group Saturday . Enjoy and will relax this eve....

Can you see the white specks????
will make few more to share

Friday, April 25, 2008


Here's the scoop, today wasn't too bad outside, sun was out and about and melting away that white stuff LOL gotta love that. I kinda felt like a dog playing with his tail hehe. going in circles, did however get another container sorted and put away but the rest of the day was running around (of course that's Friday's for me) went and got myself adjusted (felt great), had sore lower back but better now.... Oh I found a treasure outside. See my picture.. TTYL

Below: WOOHOO buds, tried many years to dig these lonely tulips, , never did find bulbs so decided to leave them, maybe was good thing I'll have a few flowers early.

Still snow hanging in the veggie garden BLAH

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nice day

We have a great sunny day today. Just makes you feel good that maybe the snow will all melt and buds start blooming.. LOL, No kids today, got more done downstairs, I even made a few more box bags. Ok, so I'll need to make something different tomorrow hehe....I also went out and cleaned up some landmines (doggy do). I feel like spring, hope no more white stuff. Polar loves to play, Dave was trying to clear some more snow off the patio and Polar was trying to make it disappear. LOL.. Can't complain for nothing today. Oh, only one thing,,,,, had to go get my teeth cleaned, that's always something to look forward too...oh well, they now feel great....

& more

I'm waiting

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring who said that?

Ok, Mother Nature got her lines crossed (and not my phone line LOL). What was this white stuff this am on the ground all over the place again..well not as bad as out West for sure. Or maybe this the just the starting of global warming (which I think it is). So the question is, where is it going to be the best place to live, Northern Canada, Eastern ????? someone needs to get Mother Nature back on track...UMM maybe get her GPS or Weather Vane...Enough of that, I managed to make a few more Box bags (thanks again to Denise for the link to )and I think, I will make a few more for gifts for??? just in case gifts...Great evening, visited with Denise and showed me few tips and programs, cameras etc. that she has learned and did and wow, check out her blog to see the great pictures, at I enjoyed this evening, oh, snow melted away but sure was windy and cold...

Opps where did the grass go ????

Few Box bags

evil kanivel's weapon

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day. Not easy being green all day, couldn't see much green outside though LOL.. We had a great day (til later) boys were typical little guys, busy this am, made some beet soup (or borsht). UMMM great stuff. (if you'd like the recipe I'll share).... Later today, just about 2 minutes before Dave (hubby) walked in the door the little one (Chase) decided he was going to be evil kanevel, I turn to look to see what he was doing and he laughed, popped a wheely on his little car (bike Or whatever you call it) and away he went on his back, I ran to him and of course he somehow bit his upper lip and it was bleeding, boy oh boys , poor little guy, now we have two boys with booboos...... Went to my fitball, had great workout after all that, hehe.. thanks again D. good job..... PS: Green green,,,,

smells good,,,,,,,, umm, had two bowls here have some....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day from

This day went off good til I found out my phone wasn't working...what did they do without phones back when?? UMMM . I made curtains for one bedroom , the little guys were fine til after supper, they were all wound up. Is their a full moon coming?? maybe a storm???? not sure but something is LOL....I do know that Calgary and BC and Sask got it good. Still hoping that this will miss us, we still have enough left over from winter LOL..anyways I running off downstairs to quilt ???

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sun Day???

Well not sunny today at all, pretty cold if you ask anyone here. LOL Feels like the S words,,won't say it cause they got it out west, Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C. too. It missed us, I hope, so far. Anyways, same day today , did the grandparenting thingy, didn't get much done, had some fun with the boys. I guess this was a lazy Sunday , should have one after this week. HEHE....

After yesterday great sharing day here's a quote that fits it:

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.-- Author Unknown

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quilt day

What a wonderful day.. got up too early though but that was ok. All day quilt day at the Rotary Place (we rent a great room) for get away day. Learned a few new tips and Sue shared a little pattern she made (coffee cup sleeve for you take out coffee, Timmy's or ???) wonderful little gifts, you can personalize them for each individual. Then revealed our Mystery quilt "twisted tails" top . Shared and shared ,,, just a relaxing, get-a-way, gossip, visiting great all around day. YOOHOOOOO,... I made 4 box bags and shared patterns thanks to Denise who found this blog tutorial at and thank you to Kelly and this link for sharing this. Great gifts, ummm maybe too early but Xmas gifts would be nice..... here are pictures of some of our great ladies.... Thank you girls for wonderful day. I'm now refreshed, inspired and ready to thread some fabrics LOL...
& &

& &


Friday, April 18, 2008


Wow what a day, I haven't stopped til now....daily house chores, cleaned down again, wanted to put in garage, went out their and created another job hehe... Cleaned the garage (tidied up) put stuff from downstairs to outside then remembered the angels & etc in the front, brought those in, did laundry, went to chriro this am ,,, boy sure need him now LOL after all that, went to the gym worked out and no Diana , ahh, where did she go ???... Had supper, went to pick up groceries, and got my machine & goodies and stuff ready for tomorrow. Yahoo relax, chat, sew and gosip and whatever with the quilt group (Mystery country quilters) which I was nominated couple years ago as Presidento.....wheww, now I'm blogging (relaxing) and ???? OH MY what a busy busy bee I was.LOL I have to put my camera in my quilt carrier to take great pictures of everyone tomorrow and post..... I'm sure glad all my days are not like this, UMMM maybe that would be good in one way (get thinner) or bad (layed up in traction) hhehehe.... Another day gone in fast forward.... OK so this look empty now so sad.... across the road is where my friends carted away the snow and keep me up the other night........ Oh well I have a few holes in the snow hehe

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 2

Day 2 for DJ, ouch for him....I really think that this little guy deserves a metal. He hasn't complained about not being able to run around, or pain or anything else. Really great kid. Even Chase is patiently waiting for DJ to play with, he keeps going to him and hugging and talking (alien talk sometimes LOL).. Did however get few minutes to take pic and throw in few loads of laundry. Went to fitball (exercise class, great stuff too.) Denise gave us a great workout. Felt energized after. Thanks again D... This evening I also went to a candle party... LOL didn't need it, but bought something anyway ha... isn't that always what happens LOL... Now I'm getting ready for tomorrow , no kids, maybe can do more in the basement and organizing.. hopefully don't get distracted lol..Chow for now. enjoy the rest of the evening.

aahh I guess this will be put away, unlesssss, no can't do that HEHE

I'm BBQ'ng this weekend for sure....Yahoo

Wow look what I found , my willow chairs and my little skipper girl... Opp need to pick up the landmines tomorrow again..... LOL

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day what??

Today was a day that the boys had my undivided attention so,,, I didn't get much done til nap time. Even DJ napped, after all he's been through, not suprised... the little bros was very lonesome, he kept going to DJ and hug him..ahhh, so sweet. I did get a little more done, down in the basement, ummm think I need more plastic containers, can't believe how much I have in regards of quilting stuff (isn't that what we do as quilters)LOL . I'm trying not to use to many cardboard boxes, the plastic containers are great for storing and the clear ones you can see what's in which.... I also had my time at the gym, didn't do as much as we usually do, I was pooped today, but it gave me enough energy to stay up longer tonight. Oh,, get this,,, last night at 11pm the loaders and dump trucks decided to scoop up snow til little after who's great idea was this?? we haven't had this done any other year and why so late, umm to keep us old farts up and not get zzz's keep younger one up to pive off the parent's who have to go to work early...BOY ,,,OK now that I vented I can try to have a wonderful, peaceful, quiet sleep. Need my beauty sleep. (that would be quite a lot) LOL.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, grandson (DJ) had a minor surgery today (circumcised) OWWEE, Chase was here but quietly missing his brother. He was asking for D and wanted to go find him. AH,,,, Poor boys, I feel for DJ and Chase today. Hoping that the next couple of days go smoothly for DJ. I'll have give him little more OK"S . It was sunny and its melting more ... WooHoo. Can see a little more stuff. LOL. I also was putting things away in my container (plastic so I can recycle and re-use) some of my quilts, came across what I just finished before Xmas and noted to myself that I need (not want) a few more of the "Patch abilities" patterns by Julie Bohringer. They are so cute and fun to make I have another set ready to quilt. UMM good just added more to my stuff, but that won't take much room, will it. NOT... Need to order a few more...LOL

Still melting will have to put away this weekend LOL

AHHHh, I can just smell BBQ. OPPS that's my neighbor Mick cooking again... have to jump the fence and invite myself. HEHE

aren't they adorable.....boy that's bragging but oh well, sais la vie mes amies.......

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Blah's???

Well, not so bad of a day. Grandson's were over, they were great kids. Maybe weather is changing and the boys are happier, not so much cooped up in the house and more sunshine. I was able to clip my rag quilt, now I'll have to wait til weekend to go wash down at the laundromat. I had promised to show a picture of our mystery quilt. Thanks to this link I did however change a few things to make it easier , like the hour glass easy way and 1/2 triangles easy way of doing this thanks to Fons & Porter's tips in their quilt magazine.
Mystery Solved "Twisted Tails"

Also went to the gym tonight with Denise and Diana, broke out a good sweat.... felt great. Thanks girls......

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just like a bee I was today, busy. Tidied up this am, washed floors, got ready for the Birthday Party for Chase. Wow time flies, he's now (tomorrow) 2 years old. Had wonderful time with family and few of our little friends..... I even managed to pluck away at some more stuff from the cave.. Sorted out fabrics and such. BIG MESS in my downstairs, will keep sorting and haul it out to the garage for give aways, and yard sale. It's amazing on how much you accumulate over the years and forgot what you had there LOL... I also finished sewing the rag quilt, now have to clip the edges. Also have picture of the other one I just finished clipping, have to go down to laundromat to wash (fray) would be too much of a mess in my washer. Maybe next weekend.
Clipped oneNeed to clip

Happy Birthday Ummm Good

D.J. & Devon Love reading

clipped one need to clip

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh dear

Oh my, today I was pooped out, not sure if did too much yesterday or if thyroid out of whack. Dragging , LOL.... Grandsons good, the little guy thought after a nap was a little cranky. I guess even little ones have their days ....Got some salads done for tomorrow, Chase's 2nd birthday party (date is 15th) Boy were getting up there hehe....It'll be a busy day .. that make the weeks to moving go by too quickly. Hoping that I can finish off rag quilt binding tonight. This day was a blurrrrrrr.
Well, the angle's dresses are starting to show YOOHOOOOOO it's coming slowing snow melting.

Oh dear, the BBQ is peeking out more. Yahoo, BBQ season coming up. Maybe few days LOL

Tomorrow sneak peek at our quilt club's mystery quilt. The mystery will be solved.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh My

Very productive day today. Got lots done. I'm now Pooped.LOL Went though my so called crafty room . Wow didn't think I had that much stuff. Now it's in a pile of "not sure if Missy wants it" or " yard sale" hehe.... Had some running around to do also. Need to try to finish it this week. Oh, the snow is melting, hopefully more tomorrow . POUFFFFFF GONE. Wouldn't that be great. Maybe not, could be worse......LOL Didn't even get to my rag quilt. That's OK. It won't walk away..... Had a great work out thought, went to the gym with Denise, she's great. Thanks D.

Oh boys are back in am......Busy days ahead hehe

K Polar, are you stuck. Sinking and sinking. LOL
K out you go silly Polar