Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wow, today was a nice, warm day, went to +24C..Can't believe it, ummm maybe too early for this, here in the north hehe... We'll take that thought.... Trying to get ready to have the house listed , boy, the more I try to get ahead, it's like taking 2 steps forward then 1 back LOL.. oh well, sais la vie.. Took pictures of these tulips which, when I first moving into this house 15 years ago, I tried to pull out, bury (2feet of dirt), tried to dig up etc... but they just kept coming back, so I gave up hehe, I'm glad their pretty. Also bleeding hearts are in bloom early every year, they will for sure get frost sometime soon (they usually do) but they'll grow even bigger and bloom profusely... funny how things turn out. Great day with the boys. too cute...have to get more done (head is spinning) hopefully not for many days.... Bon soir mes amis

bleeding hearts


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