Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, beautiful sunshine day. Not bad weather still need a little jacket but good...Sunday visited with Jan, she shared a few little neat embellishing tips. Using a double needle and this little gadget you attach to your plate. I have to try, use the fabric maybe for another bag (lol) they come in handy..Grandsons' are little sick today, a little sucky and cranky same time . Poor boys, will have to spoil (oops sorry mom).. they needed it....Was so busy yesterday, didn't have a chance to blog. But I'm here today. I also brought to show Jan a little crafty light made with stone, really cute, I'm sure she'll come up with one and it'll look awesome...found in Winnipeg last week. I also finish cutting pieces for the "flip flop" quilt will start it shortly and I also got the Mystery quilt binded, now I'm hand stitching to finish it..woohoo gives me reason to start another LOL...Had great workout at fit-ball tonight have more energy hehe...ttyl Ciao til tomorrow....

........cool eh!!!!..............

Will be putting that on the patio set for romantic evening (hehe)
in our new place ???

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