Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Alright, today was ok til noon, that' s when DJ decided he was going to be miserable for 1 hour, that's only 1 hour of being cranky, whinny and crying...boy, I guess small people are allowed to do that we as adults have our days when , well you know no one can do anything right HEHE... I tried talking to him didn't work so just let him ramble on til done... Oh well, anyways maybe he was going with the weather, pretty blah today, looks like it could throw us some more white stuff, umm cold enough, No I don't want any either. Went to fitball tonight, was great. Now just relaxing (who me hehe) enjoying the moment LOL....did get more squares cut and cutting more now. Ciao for now til we meet again (hehe had to say that sounded good) til tomorrow maybe better blogging...LOL

Isn't this one cute,,,umm can't wait to hang it in new place in the fall lol (name: Pieced Together)

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