Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok this is not good, first thing this AM I for some unknown reason got up, looked out the window and their she be,,, that stuff, you know?? that white stuff (want to say different word but wont') heeee... How did we get this, well I'll tell you we should all make a better effort to go green...(lol)This thing with the ozone needs to downgrade.... Anyhow enough of that, I'm sure everyone is tired of this weather too.... I did manage to get housework done today, also ran around to stores to get few items... Ummm house smells and looks not bad eh!! Going downstairs (my sewing place) and get going on some projects...need to finish one at least UMMM which one lol...oh well.. Went to fitball and feel rejuvenated...maybe get lots done....Ciao til tomorrow, hopefully no more white........

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