Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick trip or??

I haven't been on line for number of days, we made a quick trip to Winnipeg, only takes between 7 to 8 hours of driving...but,that's what happens when you choose to work in an town that is far away from any big city. I'm happy to say though, we (I) shopped shopped and shopped,..LOL Our main purchase was accomplished, we bought a 24' x 8.5' cargo trailer. Ummm I just might be able to fit a little more stuff than I though to move. heehee. some of my finds were, umm of course fabrics, few patterns, great to spend a few nights at a hotel, where I didn't have to worry about making my bed or cook or clean up , that's a treat in itself. Wow we had a kinda small holiday ...... here's a few pics.. of this lonnnngggg road trip .........more to follow tomorrow....

leaving Thompson
Sassigu Rapids
arriving at the perimeter in Winnipeg, Umm raining oopps.
our new trailer
one of many stops (Devil's Lake)

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Denise said...

Lise what nice scenic photos, it must be nice living in the NORTH....