Thursday, May 29, 2008


Wow, what a day. Got out of bed too early,,umm the city decided to clean the street at 7am and all I could hear is water, hehe soooo,,,had to get up and well, you know , mother nature, I had already got up once at 4am... Boy... started to clean up (yep again) at 8am got all done then went to have my haircut. After we had Murray (realtor) come to sign us up to list it. Boy thought it would be a big task and wheww, too easy, but now have to sit and long???? hoping not long...hehe.. After supper went out and cleaned some more flower beds, meanwhile hubby and son went and started cleaning out the back of garage and see what they found wow, thank goodness was last year's nest, it was behind the kids' sandbox (turtle) and not now, poor kids would have been hurt...anyhow take a look and see how big... PS here another type of little bellish flowers, they start one color and end up another (really interesting) called Bethlehem sage. or they also go by several other names....
pretty things though

big enough to sting??.
we have had them around here even bigger, size of a football at my sister's ouchhh

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