Friday, May 16, 2008


Had a great evening with my quilt group. Did a lot of sharing, show and tell etc...boy I sure look forward to these, get inspired, ideas and support.... not only for quilting but other arts and family etc....I'll surely miss those great ladies. If it wasn't for the group, I'm not sure how I would have been able to go forward with quilting and lots more...Big Thank you goes out to my girls'......Jan brought some great pieces of fabric for my 2" square stash (for watercolor) that I'll be doing soon...I also today had a great day with the grandson's, they are always are more pics and projects fabric ......I'll enjoy looking back on this..ttyl , ciao til tomorrow...

Jan's giftsthis is cool, it's serged together on the top (jeans, cords etc) have to try this one too...

little stuff (roll of flannel 9x11" and 54 pieces) ummm that'll be a rag one, lap, ummm so soft and warm, more squares and good book of patterns.

New issue May/June, Fon's & Porter , love of quilting
had to pick up a few fabrics for this one too....way too cute too,
will be adding more from existing stash (LOL)

Oh did I tell you , I love fabric , new patterns and ideas, and quilting and and and and and...........

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