Friday, May 9, 2008

Bee Busy

Yep, this bee today was busy...First thing this am, didn't look out the window, I didn't want to see what was out there lol..Not as bad , now snow yippee... but still cold. Now I won't complain none today, I will wait til it's pass by the cold front (I think that's what's happening)...Got our mugshots taken, boy I look like I have suitcases under my eyes, told Dave when we retire, need to save $$ or put him back to work after few months to get face lift LOL. We want to get our passport so we can do a little travelling, umm somewhere other than here lol... did a little quilting, not much, still working on the mystery quilt. It's under the sewing machine to finish quilting it.... Went to the gym for a while , daughter surprised me, she came to the gym and brought me a plant (freesia's) pink with yellow center, very pretty. She's a little early but that's ok, she's working and I'll be sitting....hehe I'll get to enjoy them and maybe try to save them.. Oh, and yes I had a good workout with my friend Denise, It's always nice to do fitness and visit with my friend..thanks Denise (visit her blog, she's also a great Photographer, ) for now Ciao til morrow,,,,,

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