Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, no white stuff flying around today. Was actually in the + .....hehe...not double digits yet but that's ok.. was earlier in - c but won't worry , June is coming soon hehe....optimistic person I am...Look at it this way,,, I'm older, I forget and who cares at my age LOL soooo Mother Nature is even older that any of us so she's allowed to forget, ummm will have to poke her (remind)...LOL Didn't get sewing done, but did pick up few pieces of fabric so I can cut up into 2" square, now does that make sense (hehe)wash, dry, iron, cut, make into new fabric, sew, re-wash, iron & use it...Gotta love it......Went for a good brisk walk with Denise this evening, 1hr and 15min... I should sleep well I hope..maybe one day soon...LOL those darn power surges (hotflashes)....

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