Friday, May 2, 2008


Here we are, May, umm, thought we had enough but OH NO,, that little white stuff came along...It was -3 c. Ok I've had enough time to move into double digits or else...Humm what shall I do, pull my hair, bit my nails??NOT .. Had Chase over for 1hr, Mom went to the tradeshow with DJ.. Funny little guy, see pic...he knows how to use this DS game, pretty sad and funny too... I'll just have to hibernate once again, but maybe after the weekend hehe...Had a great afternoon, spent a little while with a great quilter, artist, fibre artist, gardener, etc...she has tried everything, this lady is great at everything she does. Humm maybe some day I will accomplish 1/16th of what she has tried.. The nicest thing is that she loves to share tips and techniques etc... thanks Jan, now my head is spinning with some ideas LOL . Maybe I can put it to use..I'm starting to cut up some 2" squares for a watercolor wall hanging..Its' fun just trying to figure out what is the light-med to dark-meds, etc.... and also reading a book on this technique wow, I love to try out different techniques and etc...well off I go, feel the need to cut more squares, going through my stash is still fun,,,didn't think I had so much
OK Chase not so serious LOL.Your winning???
OK click on the picture, you'll see the white specks..Blah

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