Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great day

Great day, the sun was out, warm temperature was +18 c but felt warm... Was out cleaning more flower beds then decided to help out with the cleaning of the back of garage, ummm those boys needed organizing LOL... made 2 trips to the dump, stopped and treated us with an ice cream..haven't done that since last year, MMMM was good...Later went uptown to do groceries and boy it was busy, end of the month , should have known..Anyhow needed to clean up myself and going to go down and finish off a few blocks for flip flops hehe.. then will have to start the sashing and the log cabin border..... so til we meet again...CIAO....PS have a great rest of weekend....

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Wow, what a day. Got out of bed too early,,umm the city decided to clean the street at 7am and all I could hear is water, hehe soooo,,,had to get up and well, you know , mother nature, I had already got up once at 4am... Boy... started to clean up (yep again) at 8am got all done then went to have my haircut. After we had Murray (realtor) come to sign us up to list it. Boy thought it would be a big task and wheww, too easy, but now have to sit and long???? hoping not long...hehe.. After supper went out and cleaned some more flower beds, meanwhile hubby and son went and started cleaning out the back of garage and see what they found wow, thank goodness was last year's nest, it was behind the kids' sandbox (turtle) and not now, poor kids would have been hurt...anyhow take a look and see how big... PS here another type of little bellish flowers, they start one color and end up another (really interesting) called Bethlehem sage. or they also go by several other names....
pretty things though

big enough to sting??.
we have had them around here even bigger, size of a football at my sister's ouchhh

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wow, today was a nice, warm day, went to +24C..Can't believe it, ummm maybe too early for this, here in the north hehe... We'll take that thought.... Trying to get ready to have the house listed , boy, the more I try to get ahead, it's like taking 2 steps forward then 1 back LOL.. oh well, sais la vie.. Took pictures of these tulips which, when I first moving into this house 15 years ago, I tried to pull out, bury (2feet of dirt), tried to dig up etc... but they just kept coming back, so I gave up hehe, I'm glad their pretty. Also bleeding hearts are in bloom early every year, they will for sure get frost sometime soon (they usually do) but they'll grow even bigger and bloom profusely... funny how things turn out. Great day with the boys. too cute...have to get more done (head is spinning) hopefully not for many days.... Bon soir mes amis

bleeding hearts


Monday, May 26, 2008


Had a very busy day yesterday, had the boys and cleaned up then did a taste testing party, first time I did this, hehe, kinda winged it, did good for first time presentations, had fun. I guess with more I will be great at it.LOL My day went by so fast didn't see it. Today I had the boys again, played me out. Cleaned up again, and thinking of listing the house this week, this is driving me crazy, need to know what I'm doing and where were going with this LOL...aaaaaaa.....Got a few more flip flops done humm., maybe will get done the 20 blocks of them yet.......Went for a good walk this evening , was great, got a little more energy hehe (no no cleaning tonight)lol. Need to remember to bring the camera next walk in the millennium trail, very peaceful and pretty. anyhoot bon soir til next time......

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ok so had a great day, beautiful warm day right now it's +23C a little windy but,,,, great day, had to make some dips for my tasting party tomorrow night then went outside with the boys, I was going to clean more of my garden beds but ,,,,, grandson DJ wanted to, I let him for a bit then had him rake the lawn (lol) with his rake (plastic) then grandson Chase , of course the name suits him, had to get him back in yard...LOL but was fun. They are too comical kids... I did also finish my Mystery quilt "twisted tails" (one of them)... but did finish it binding and hoping that tomorrow is warm but they are saying cooler temp ...oh well, it's still only May...Ciao, bonsoir mes amis....
..... who will get as gift???

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh dear

Well, didn't blog yesterday, had someone come over to see the house, (selling it, retiring out of province)... by the time we finished (scrambling to tidy up, last minute call) I was out of umph... So today, cleaned again, did some yard work, temperature wasn't too bad, little cloudy but. So here I am, blogging, have to take a break, hopefully we can say "sold" so I wont' have to have a show room (hehe) need to have it where it's relaxing time. I did however get some stuff done (running around), like blood work, a little shopping (for cleaning stuff again) Wow what a day, still have a few hours, ummm I'll have to do a little quilting, I figure, if I do a few blocks a day I might have this flip flop quilt done before we move LOL.... here's a few pics and will find more to put on here tomorrow.....CIAO..


cute blue hyacinths by the wall in the back yard..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, beautiful sunshine day. Not bad weather still need a little jacket but good...Sunday visited with Jan, she shared a few little neat embellishing tips. Using a double needle and this little gadget you attach to your plate. I have to try, use the fabric maybe for another bag (lol) they come in handy..Grandsons' are little sick today, a little sucky and cranky same time . Poor boys, will have to spoil (oops sorry mom).. they needed it....Was so busy yesterday, didn't have a chance to blog. But I'm here today. I also brought to show Jan a little crafty light made with stone, really cute, I'm sure she'll come up with one and it'll look awesome...found in Winnipeg last week. I also finish cutting pieces for the "flip flop" quilt will start it shortly and I also got the Mystery quilt binded, now I'm hand stitching to finish it..woohoo gives me reason to start another LOL...Had great workout at fit-ball tonight have more energy hehe...ttyl Ciao til tomorrow.... eh!!!!..............

Will be putting that on the patio set for romantic evening (hehe)
in our new place ???

Saturday, May 17, 2008

More finds

Well, I'm posting more of my finds in Winnipeg, not sure why I made this purchase but I was curious as to what was in the plastic bag.. I bought it at V V's boutique for 1.99 and wow did I find a goodie (as Alta would say hehe)... 4 pieces of red work completely embroidered and 2 of them have a stamp of 1819 and 1820 Jan said maybe a pattern # ,, that's ok, someone went to a lot of work and it's now in my treasures, I'll have to try to figure out what I want to incorporate it in..... Had a great day with the two grandson's as usual. While it was nap time, I busied myself with cutting for my Flip Flop project...and also cut more 2" squares.... I missed going to fit-ball however, man do I need to exercise, feel lost....need energy hehe.....maybe will go to the gym... All in all great Saturday...wooohoooo..... If anyone knows of what pattern please let me know. I'm curious......


........2 are 18"x15...............

2 on top are 15 x14 & cute bib

wonder under and more.......

Friday, May 16, 2008


Had a great evening with my quilt group. Did a lot of sharing, show and tell etc...boy I sure look forward to these, get inspired, ideas and support.... not only for quilting but other arts and family etc....I'll surely miss those great ladies. If it wasn't for the group, I'm not sure how I would have been able to go forward with quilting and lots more...Big Thank you goes out to my girls'......Jan brought some great pieces of fabric for my 2" square stash (for watercolor) that I'll be doing soon...I also today had a great day with the grandson's, they are always are more pics and projects fabric ......I'll enjoy looking back on this..ttyl , ciao til tomorrow...

Jan's giftsthis is cool, it's serged together on the top (jeans, cords etc) have to try this one too...

little stuff (roll of flannel 9x11" and 54 pieces) ummm that'll be a rag one, lap, ummm so soft and warm, more squares and good book of patterns.

New issue May/June, Fon's & Porter , love of quilting
had to pick up a few fabrics for this one too....way too cute too,
will be adding more from existing stash (LOL)

Oh did I tell you , I love fabric , new patterns and ideas, and quilting and and and and and...........

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick trip or??

I haven't been on line for number of days, we made a quick trip to Winnipeg, only takes between 7 to 8 hours of driving...but,that's what happens when you choose to work in an town that is far away from any big city. I'm happy to say though, we (I) shopped shopped and shopped,..LOL Our main purchase was accomplished, we bought a 24' x 8.5' cargo trailer. Ummm I just might be able to fit a little more stuff than I though to move. heehee. some of my finds were, umm of course fabrics, few patterns, great to spend a few nights at a hotel, where I didn't have to worry about making my bed or cook or clean up , that's a treat in itself. Wow we had a kinda small holiday ...... here's a few pics.. of this lonnnngggg road trip .........more to follow tomorrow....

leaving Thompson
Sassigu Rapids
arriving at the perimeter in Winnipeg, Umm raining oopps.
our new trailer
one of many stops (Devil's Lake)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bee Busy

Yep, this bee today was busy...First thing this am, didn't look out the window, I didn't want to see what was out there lol..Not as bad , now snow yippee... but still cold. Now I won't complain none today, I will wait til it's pass by the cold front (I think that's what's happening)...Got our mugshots taken, boy I look like I have suitcases under my eyes, told Dave when we retire, need to save $$ or put him back to work after few months to get face lift LOL. We want to get our passport so we can do a little travelling, umm somewhere other than here lol... did a little quilting, not much, still working on the mystery quilt. It's under the sewing machine to finish quilting it.... Went to the gym for a while , daughter surprised me, she came to the gym and brought me a plant (freesia's) pink with yellow center, very pretty. She's a little early but that's ok, she's working and I'll be sitting....hehe I'll get to enjoy them and maybe try to save them.. Oh, and yes I had a good workout with my friend Denise, It's always nice to do fitness and visit with my friend..thanks Denise (visit her blog, she's also a great Photographer, ) for now Ciao til morrow,,,,,

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok this is not good, first thing this AM I for some unknown reason got up, looked out the window and their she be,,, that stuff, you know?? that white stuff (want to say different word but wont') heeee... How did we get this, well I'll tell you we should all make a better effort to go green...(lol)This thing with the ozone needs to downgrade.... Anyhow enough of that, I'm sure everyone is tired of this weather too.... I did manage to get housework done today, also ran around to stores to get few items... Ummm house smells and looks not bad eh!! Going downstairs (my sewing place) and get going on some projects...need to finish one at least UMMM which one lol...oh well.. Went to fitball and feel rejuvenated...maybe get lots done....Ciao til tomorrow, hopefully no more white........

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Alright, today was ok til noon, that' s when DJ decided he was going to be miserable for 1 hour, that's only 1 hour of being cranky, whinny and crying...boy, I guess small people are allowed to do that we as adults have our days when , well you know no one can do anything right HEHE... I tried talking to him didn't work so just let him ramble on til done... Oh well, anyways maybe he was going with the weather, pretty blah today, looks like it could throw us some more white stuff, umm cold enough, No I don't want any either. Went to fitball tonight, was great. Now just relaxing (who me hehe) enjoying the moment LOL....did get more squares cut and cutting more now. Ciao for now til we meet again (hehe had to say that sounded good) til tomorrow maybe better blogging...LOL

Isn't this one cute,,,umm can't wait to hang it in new place in the fall lol (name: Pieced Together)

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, no white stuff flying around today. Was actually in the + .....hehe...not double digits yet but that's ok.. was earlier in - c but won't worry , June is coming soon hehe....optimistic person I am...Look at it this way,,, I'm older, I forget and who cares at my age LOL soooo Mother Nature is even older that any of us so she's allowed to forget, ummm will have to poke her (remind)...LOL Didn't get sewing done, but did pick up few pieces of fabric so I can cut up into 2" square, now does that make sense (hehe)wash, dry, iron, cut, make into new fabric, sew, re-wash, iron & use it...Gotta love it......Went for a good brisk walk with Denise this evening, 1hr and 15min... I should sleep well I hope..maybe one day soon...LOL those darn power surges (hotflashes)....

Sunday, May 4, 2008


There, I didn't blog Saturday, opps. Got busy and didn't get a chance to... Well, got up this am only to look out to a bit of white stuff... Little chilly and furnace is still going good...Got the grandsons and was a little hectic today. So didn't get any quilting done only cut up a few more 2" squares. I want to get enough to make a watercolor wall hanging quilt..Need more though, went to our sewing place and she was a little busy, so I left a pile of bolts and she'll cut some so I can pick them up this week (only cutting approx 8" wide pieces).. Ive heard about this quilt-fuse interfacing 2"grid that makes it easier to put together...I'll have to pick some up in Winnipeg when I go down... Ps: just watching the eve Winnipeg news and had a good chuckle (sorry couldn't help it) saw that it was snowing pretty good their.. that's ok were under a storm watch around us.....but just had to put that in here...
Ok so maybe will get Xmas early..NOT...LOL

so I need to get more than a few,
but I'm getting them organized , thanks to Jan's idea how to......
(fishing container are 2"spaced)

Friday, May 2, 2008


Here we are, May, umm, thought we had enough but OH NO,, that little white stuff came along...It was -3 c. Ok I've had enough time to move into double digits or else...Humm what shall I do, pull my hair, bit my nails??NOT .. Had Chase over for 1hr, Mom went to the tradeshow with DJ.. Funny little guy, see pic...he knows how to use this DS game, pretty sad and funny too... I'll just have to hibernate once again, but maybe after the weekend hehe...Had a great afternoon, spent a little while with a great quilter, artist, fibre artist, gardener, etc...she has tried everything, this lady is great at everything she does. Humm maybe some day I will accomplish 1/16th of what she has tried.. The nicest thing is that she loves to share tips and techniques etc... thanks Jan, now my head is spinning with some ideas LOL . Maybe I can put it to use..I'm starting to cut up some 2" squares for a watercolor wall hanging..Its' fun just trying to figure out what is the light-med to dark-meds, etc.... and also reading a book on this technique wow, I love to try out different techniques and etc...well off I go, feel the need to cut more squares, going through my stash is still fun,,,didn't think I had so much
OK Chase not so serious LOL.Your winning???
OK click on the picture, you'll see the white specks..Blah

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day Off

Wonderful day, sunny , feels warmer (in the backyard no wind to talk about hehe) a little windy in the front. Got a little quilting done on one of my twisted tail mystery. Went for a walk with Denise (a little windy) I'll sleep like a baby tonight (I hope all night) I started again with the power surges (hot flashes) around same time (4am)..blah anyways, all and all great sunny day. Will have to clean a little tomorrow before I get the grand kids on it...
Oh I also spent sometime today adding hubby to facebook and etc.... that'll keep him occupied for a bit LOL...