Friday, December 3, 2010


EEEKKK , Time is ticking .... this is going to fast.... stop the clock or something LOLOLOL.... I would love to have one of these pretty fairy ABOVE TO HELP.... I'm getting some sewing done... our guild Christmas Party is this Monday and I'll be taking lots of pics to post... I've also been making wine for the holidays and for gifts. I am also still going to Zumba and loving it so much... we (a huge group of ladies) are all having a blast and funny how we all get along so well....I'm lucky to have such great friends.. Have to thank our instructor Carla who makes it so easy to love it... also her hubby Peter for helping.... .... Now I have few days left to finish off a few gifts...and also go have a little fun with my grandson's... can't forget those characters lol... Oh, have to make meat pie (tourtiere) this weekend ....EEEEEEKKKKK ... Have a great weekend and hope you can slow down that clock or something LOLOL... so Ciao, Adios, Salute, Night nite, Bonsoir mes amis...

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