Saturday, November 20, 2010


As my granddaughter would say Kewl... we had a wonderful time last Saturday with a group of ladies who spent the day with a great teacher Janice Brice-Braden .. She taught curved piecing...below are pics of that day... Also, I am working on a mystery quilt given by our quilt guild..and did a tinner for the month of November..this is interesting the tinners, kinda like mystery block of the month and at the end of spring, we receive our tinner back with blocks that others made...any hoot. been busy all week again, still doing running around for daughter, until she can afford the insurance on the car.. uggg... but I enjoy spending time with the boys, she and hubby go run around and I do the grandma thing and spoil them lol... also I am taking 2 to 3 nights a week Zumba..woohoo that is so much fun, dance to get fit... here is a link to the wonderful instructor and gals we spend the eve with... (click on Zumba to see) Carla and Peter are awesome...We went out last night (girls night out) with Carla and a 12 other ladies whom we all hit it off really good.. so much time to get going and catch up on quilting lol... Adios, Salute, Ciao, Night nite, and Bonsoir mes ami.. Hope you enjoy the pics..


Hazel said...

I'm waiting to get into a Zymba class unfortunately there is a long waiting list .

Lise said...

wow... it is really popular but we have lots of places we can go to.. the one we go to is a Ballroom dance instructor also.. her and hubby both teach and also Zumba and they are awesome couple... they are loved by everyone there and their workplace (hospital)... guess I'm lucky to be able to go ... thanks Hazel hope you get in cause it's a blast..