Monday, December 13, 2010



Wow.. in a winter storm...(we had snow day for us school bus drivers) we had severe weather storm warnings all night and until around noon... winds were gusting to 75km.. it was -32 with windshield, snow drifts all over the place..... BRrrrr..... it's different here from northern manitoba...this dampness makes it worse that the dry cold... it goes right threw to your bones and you can't warm up...well I can't unless I soak in hot Yep,, I have become a sucky at cold.... I'm still fighting this cold, it's now in my sinuses... and hard to shake off... I'm trying the Netty potty .. that's weird but helped out ... Anyway, I made "tourtiere" tradition can't miss ... (meat pies)... put the tree up , finally lolol and I also worked on the Dec/Jan tinner (for a secret person at the guild), think this one will be really nice... also organized (again) the cold room and the basement.. sheesh will it ever end...still finding few of the boys well... We picked upt the two oldest on Saturday Eve to drive around to look at the pretty Christmas decorations... wow..have to go back to one of the girl's mom's place , like everyone said, she can't fit anymore pretty... now this weekend we go collect those two and see the light show at Science North, I'm sure they will love that..this time I'll bring the camera... I want to do a little stash busting.. looking for small projects for gifts to make for next year..hummm I have to surf a little and visit others blogs (lol, do this all the time lol).. well have to go make dish out supper (chilli time, with garlic bread)....woohooo... have a great week... Ciao, Adios, Salute, Nighty night, and Bonsoir mes amis.....

Tourtiere (meat pies)

a friend calls them

torture pies lolol.

with left over dough, pet de soeur

translated to english

nuns farts lol


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