Sunday, September 13, 2009


OK, so,,, I've had a Full Weekend , and also this week to start, I am now employed part time at your favorite coffee place LOL.....yeppers,, figured that I needed to add more into my schedule hahaha,,, there is a few things (renos) that I want to do and well, with one pension at the moment it's a little different for me, so I decided, I would fixed that for Pat pat,,,I did really well,, then came Saturday, at the quilt shop "it's sew easy" the owner (Chrystal) and her quilt friends have been involved in making a raffle quilt for donations to the Breast Cancer Awareness..she donates fabric for the blocks and Nancy donates her time in the quilting volunteers donate their time to make one block for this quilt...Maxine and I gladly went and made a block each..... After I came home I sewed more on a quilt for gift... well I had to unsew and resew blocks,,,the quilt was made for a toddler's size bed and now two of the grandsons' are in bunks soooo,,, had to make it bigger oh my, lesson learned,,bigger is better LOL... also finished the other blocks for the second quilt for grandson #2... I'll have to take pics when both are done.. Sunday, I attended a baby shower for my cousin's daughter (one of the twins LOL) I had fun, enjoyed my relatives,,aunt, cousins, cousin's daughters etc...and friends,,, what a group,,, loved it , games and all,,,,, so for now,,, not much pics,,, Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite, and Bonsoir mes amis...

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