Monday, September 10, 2012


Oh My.....more like Yikes...lolol....My bad bad..I havent posted since much happening my head is spinning, my apologies please (PWL).  We have been away since June and yes had to many birthdays, we had the twins baptism and more bdays and then off we went to Manitoulin Island..ahhh beautiful place but no internet lol.  And a brain storm happened lol, we decided that our fifth wheel isn't big enough with daughter and 4 boys come our and felt bad she and twins slept in a tent...not much room to move around when it rained so, we decided to build a cabin and with only few hands (LOL) we did this without the new fandangled power nailers..alllll by hand. We are almost done the outside, only two more sides of soffits and wooohooooo ready for next spring to start inside... Back to work we those students to school, nice to see all those familiar faces.. I've cleaned off my Janome and will be quilting..hummm need more quilts for camp now's a few pics of our camp ...enjoy, I sure am ....Ciao, Salute, Gnight and bonne journee...

I'll post another pic when totally done outter shell

Left to right
Phillip (son), Matthew (nephew) & Hillary (Matt's girlfriend)
Rebecca (niece)
this was special, first time in many years
the cousins all hung out together
and was at camp..they got to know each other and
now hang out together ...

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