Friday, September 21, 2012


Wow, Friday already, I've been trying to clean up so I can get quilting again...but first have to clear out son's room so I can (and he can help lol) pull the old rug out and put in cool laminate's an old shaggy kinda rug and needs to be gone.. hopefully before Christmas have the rest of the basement same rug gone....have all the stuff but need the time, no camp this weekend but next have to go out (lol) to close up the 5th wheel, then play at home LOLOLOL...I'm already looking forward in going back really early spring to do the inside.... Anyhoot just wanted to check in cause I'll be starting a few gifts (quilties of course) this week and will post more Friday my friends enjoy...oh I also started going to this cool place called " The Basement on King" omg what a workout...Ciao, Salute, Adios, Night, Bonsoir mes amis.....PS: only 13 more weeks ladies....I'm panicking LOLOL...

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