Saturday, November 12, 2011


Wow..yes I am posting LOLOL...I've been keeping busy...On the 10th it would have been my dad's 75th birthday, missing him lots...On Monday at the guild, I received a couple of gifts from my secret sister..oh my, she is really keeping me in suspense now...see pics below....I also forgot to take pic of the last tinner I made, sewed that to be ahead til December one comes around LOL..also had to come up with an idea for our zumba class (costume) for Friday (me and sister's) they are having Disco Zumba LOL.. I got few things from the Halloween store before it was gone, glasses,earring's and other little things, I didn't want to cut up a pair of jeans to add a bright flare in it as I had did way back because it would be hard to do zumba in so... I came up with a kinda added flare with elastic so we can slip it on our workout pants without any damage LOL...I'll get pics for next weekend of our attire ..Daughter wants to learn how to sew, I told her she could use Ken for a bit but first have to show how to use it..hope she has fun, mom, Pics below and Ciao, Salute, Adios, Night nite, Bonsoir mes amis..
Tinner block #2

Tinner #3

Secret Sister gifts

Read the Card...really cool fun..

A quick and fun table runner

need to embellish go to

for tutorial

Ah, finished end of last year

finally up and so cute

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Hazel said...

Oh my I just have to see photo's of
the disco outfit lol .How lucky you are to have such a generous secret sister ,enjoy.