Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, I finally got some pics together,,, (see below) wow,, not easy to pic only a few..sooo many pics and so many places we went to... Not sure about all of you my friends, but feels like summer is going by so fast that we are missing out on the hot weather LOL..... I think (looking at the weather network) we are all in some kind of warped weather for this time of the year... or maybe its just me lol... so we drove to Newfoundland to visit friends who retired from Thompson and had a whale of a time..will be for sure going back ... we can now say we have seen Canada...woohoo... go canucks go.... Sorry, just had to add, we come back home on Thursday late,,,,,Friday we go see sister and family at the lake ,,,decided to come home and pack up trailer (which I didn't finish unpacking) and pull it out there at HalfWay Lake and camp for the long weekend...phew, had a blast,,,now have more pics but will sort out and post on weekend...OH, I also yesterday started to work on my Mystery quilt , need to finish the top by the 14th of this then bring into the quilt shop to show that I've done my homework... Humm will have to sign off, it's little late and will sort more things out (pics)...sooo,,, Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty Nite, Bonsoir mes amis.....

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