Thursday, December 25, 2008


hehe,,, ok after yesterday's big meal,,(made huge supper for Hubby's family) and then today my family (I made a huge supper,),,I think I need a Course-set ( I can make a quilt if I had a pattern for corset lol I'll have to google that or maybe someone will send me info on it, lol), humm maybe a girddle,,, this is the first year in 26 yrs that we share with our family here in Ontario.... but sad that our kids and grand kids are not with us here this year... we did however spend time with them on our webcam,,,what a great invention, the grandson's were so funny to hear and watch and they thought the same.... told my daughter that we have to do this way more often,,,good way to keep in touch, love them all , also the grand kids in Alberta so grown up, daughter sent a video that the kids made while at the Calgary Zoo lights thingy,,, wow I sure don't feel like I'm getting older lol but they all are...oh well, maybe one day they'll catch up to me :-) , Wonderful holiday, K now, we have leftover turkey (2 turkeys lol) need to see how many ways you can use it in different meals,,,lol.... Ciao, Salute, Adios, Nighty nite D... Bonsoir mes amis ..... happy stitching

Hubby and some of his family (Mindy, Aaron, Deb, Dave, Denis,Brian, Harold and not in pic is Marlene, Paul)


My mother and brother and sister (aka, princess)


Nephew Matt and friend Adele, my bros Marc and bros- in- law Gene

yes, it's a holiday pic,,,lol,,,, never see this again for another 26yrs, Princess is really doing,,, my mom wants a pic and she's framing ya

you ask why we call her Princess

ask me I'll reveal all lmao

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