Thursday, July 3, 2008


Great day, relaxing. Woohoo, finished the tote. Not bad for guesstimating the size etc... I may add a few little touches of my own, ummm will evaluate what I need on it, in it LOL...Now just finished cutting another one. Not sure who will get this, but need to make more hehe also made a few identifier tags cool... All in all, today for me was great... went again for a nice brisk walk with Denise, we started in the millennium trail and had to leave it and walk around town, the horse flies were really bad and few mosquitoes were having supper......but was great re-energizer. thanks again D..... Also for the tribute plane, I'm still working on getting the whole scoop on this, might be next week before I blog it's history, but I will do it for sure.....My big WOOHOO ,,,exited, and now, just have to wait a bit (oh, need patience)hehe, I ordered a Nikon D40 Kit (SLR) using my airmiles (camera) will take great pic.....For now Ciao, Adios, Good Night, Bons soir mes amis..........

Luggage Identifier (tags)
free pattern at:





Hazel said...

Great tote bag and the luggage tags will come in handy on your trip home .Do you plan on driving or taking the plane ?I remember driving between Thompson and Winnipeg all you hear is thump, thump we must have hit a million rabbits .Poor babies but it really was impossible to miss them .

Myra said...

Poor bunnies....
Love the bag! Colors are great! I think I may need to try and make a few tags like that as the kids are traveling a lot!
Happy stitchings! 8-)
Safe travels!

Myra said...

Also, thanks for the links for the luggage tags and the chelsey bag!

Deb said...

Great Bag Lise.. I made on of these through the Lazy Girl designs.. very easy and simple to make but goes a long way in milage. Thanks for sharing your links

Julia said...

Hi Lise
thank you for commenting on my blog, so glad you did now I can visit you..
love this bag!