Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sneeky LOL

Beside it being gloomy, greyish outside most of the day ,, had a great day...Did a bit of running around ,,, but mostly did relaxing stuff...kinda hehe... I'm working still on the jean quilt patching up ,, asked son, why he wanted this one fixed and didn't want the new (old jeans) rag quilt...he himmed and hummed,,, and said liked the feel of the old one...humm I said, are you maybe sentimental with it...he again said humm, ok maybe....too funny...now patching up this one and thinking would take me less time to make a whole new one....lol...I'll have to consider this once we get us settled in somewhere LOL....sooo for now just patching and patching and............In between , went out and ventured to my sister's neighbor's yard (while they were gone to work) and worked my camera...lol (ps: I also know them and it's ok to explore their garden per the Hepps) Thanks...here are just a few....enjoy and maybe if I can ,,I'll venture a little further , humm many good gardens around these parts...lol PS: blogging late, we are now having to SHARE the laptop,,,,,hummm isn't that funny, old folks now have to share...boy,,,, I'll have to buy another one soon or ???? sooooo,,,, Ciao, Adios, Salute, Nighty night, Bonsoirs mes amis.....





Joyce said...

It's nice when somebody else grows the flowers. All the beauty and none of the work. Lol.

Myra said...

Beautiful, colorful photos!!! thanks for sharing the blooms... too bad I can't smell them! 8-)